To Blog or Not to Blog? and Howdy!

To Blog or Not to Blog? I guess that is the question for me right now! :)

Having just typed that I guess, while I'm considering this, the current answer is YES!

After a bit of research ...

  1. Blogging is easy ... Apparently
  2. GOOGLE Lurvs blogs => more visitors  ... Apparently
  3. Blogging helps other people - ok, I like the sound of that
  4. It helps you (me) think clearer .. hmm Ok
  5. It Challenges you (me again!) - don't mind that
  6. Blogging will help build my Audience and Promote my work
  7. It boost your (mine!) Creativity - definitely like the sound of that
  8. Blogging builds and maintains your Network.

Ok - looks like there are heaps of good reasons to Blog. At least, if you are interested, you'll get to find out a bit more about me!

Although I'm on the "other side of 50", I love the way technology is always expanding our capabilities and experiences, and I really do enjoy the whole Social Media side of Networking.

I've reconnected with long lost friends I'd played Volleyball with/against from back in the 80's   (btw I LOVE the 80's! - just thought I'd get that out nice and early); I've connected with old teachers (older than me - that's nice!); High School mates; but most of all it allows me stay connected with my extended family, especially my son Mitch. 

Mitch and I are pretty close, and I guess it would be a bit cliched to say he's my best mate. We get on very well, we don't always agree with each other ( try telling him Flock of Seagull's "I Ran" is a classic song!  it is! ) but it seems we see value in a lot of common ideas and experiences.

We also both love the challenges and experiences that Photography provides.

The best holidays I can recall are the ones camping with my family, both as a child with my parents, and now with my own family. Mitch and I try and get away for a couple of Photography road trips each year, travelling the backroads of our great country - just the two of us (I have a very understanding wife!).

There's usually :

  • a fairly well thought out location plan,
  • some photography and bushwalking ideas,
  • a music theme,
  • podcasts to listen to,
  • lots of great bbqs and stir fries,
  • and LOTS of banana bread! :)

This allows for some pretty good chat time between us.

Mitch is 25 now, working in Sydney, he has a lovely girlfriend, and it's great to see them also enjoy travel and photography together. This year they are travelling to Iceland, Vietnam and New Zealand - should be fantastic! When that's ended, Mitch and I have squeezed in another two week roadtrip.

Time to start stocking up on banana bread!

Oh, and I guess now, start on my next Blog!